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When dining in Italy, is it customary to tip like we do in the U.S.?

image source - flickr.com/photos/environmentblog
image source – flickr.com/photos/environmentblog


As in many other countries, a food service career in Italy is a salaried one. Servers don’t depend on tips like they do in the U.S. Because of that, a gratuity, as we know it, is not really expected. However, it is not uncommon to leave a little extra if you are pleased with the service.

So, how much extra is appropriate? Ten percent of the tab is a generous amount. I have heard that when Americans overtip, it is actually considered to be tacky.

Always keep some smaller denomination Euro on you if you plan on leaving extra. Unlike restaurants in the U.S., Italian restaurants that accept credit cards don’t offer an option of adding a gratuity.