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Are we about to see a Nutella shortage?


Probably not.

The rumors of a Nutella shortage have widely circulated throughout newspapers and the internet in the past few months. The reason for these rumors? Last spring, a severe frost wiped out a majority of the hazelnut crops in Turkey, where the 70 percent of the world’s hazelnuts are grown.

Ferrero, the Italian company that makes Nutella, buys and uses a quarter of the world’s hazelnut yields to make the delicious spread. In fact, it takes 50 hazelnuts to make one 13-ounce jar. So, while a shortage of the nut would seem to surely lead to a shortage of Nutella, Ferrero representatives have assured consumers that this will not be the case. The company states that they have been aware and prepared for such a nut shortage and that the high quality of Nutella will also remain unchanged.

Whether or not the price of Nutella will rise remains to be seen. Hazelnut prices in stores, however, have spiked over 60 percent…much like the pine nut last year.