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Is there really no truffle in truffle oil?

image source - flickr.com/photos/bluumwezi
image source – flickr.com/photos/bluumwezi

In most cases, yes.

Truffle oil has gotten quite a bad rap as of late. More than once I’ve seen contestants on popular cooking competition shows immediately sent home for using it. Anthony Bourdain has even said, “Let it be stated here, unto forever and eternity, truffle oil is not food.”

So, why all the hate? It’s not just because almost all truffle oil is artificially flavored. Other than an olive or grapeseed oil base, there is nothing natural in it. All of the flavor and aroma comes from chemicals created in a lab. 2,4-Dinitrophenol does not sound delicious.

This being said, there is real truffle oil out there; it is a bit hard to find though. High-end specialty stores such as Eataly and Dean & DeLuca are sure to carry it…right alongside the fake stuff. The labeling on the fakes can also be very misleading. So, how can you be sure you’re buying the real stuff? Keep one thing in mind, black truffles start at about 50 dollars an ounce with white truffles being quite a bit more. If you’re only paying a few bucks an ounce for truffle oil, it is not the real thing.