Is it possible to find American coffee in Italy?

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Yes, but not everywhere.

If you walk into any restaurant or bar in Italy and order a coffee (un caffé), what you will get is an espresso. Coffee, as we know it in the States, is a bit hard to find. Hotels and B&Bs in cities with a large amount of American tourists are a sure bet for a cup of joe, but you’re likely out of luck when dining out.

What is widely available is a caffé Americano. Despite its name, a caffé Americano is not an American coffee. It is an espresso served with hot water. Okay, so it’s not exactly the same thing, but when in Rome (literally).

Something to know…coffee shops (or bars, as they are called in Italy) never offer free refills on coffee, so if you want another caffé Americano, you’re going to have to pay for it.

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to find American coffee in Italy?

  1. But my question is…why would you want to find American coffee in Italy? Don’t we travel to experience local food, beverage and lifestyles. And of course centuries-old monuments.

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