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Are there some tricks to making the perfect cup of coffee with my Bialetti moka pot?



Most Italian households have some version of the moka pot. While it is very easy to use, there are some tricks that can bring your Italian coffee to the next level. The good people over at have written a wonderful step-by-step guide that says it all (with pictures!):


Is it true that Fettuccine Alfredo wasn’t even created in Italy?

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Actually, no.

Believe it or not, Fettuccine Alfredo was first created in Rome in 1914 at a restaurant named…Alfredo. Chef and owner, Alfredo Di Lelio, first made the dish for his pregnant wife who was struggling to keep food down. He later added it to his menu. It was primarily popular with American tourists and quickly found its way to the states.

Outside of Rome, it would be very difficult to find Fettuccine Alfredo in Italy. While it has remained popular among American tourists, residents of Italy generally don’t eat it, with some parts having never even heard of it. This is perhaps why it is generally believed that the dish was created here in the states.

The bad rap it gets from Italians can most certainly be attributed to some of the updated American versions which can include either chicken or shrimp. Adding chicken breast to pasta and mixing seafood and cheese with pasta breaks two of the cardinal rules in Italian cooking.